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How to Use WS-FTP PRO 95


What is WS-FTP

WS-FTP is a (File Transfer Protocol) that allows a user to upload archives to a dedicated server either as an anonymous user or identify user. The conveniences of ftp is that allows the user to view the physical area where the files to upload will be allocated, on the server.

How to configure the WS-FTP

To configure the WS-FTP is very simple; as shown on the picture you first select the path for the program that you will find on START-PROGRAMS-WS-FTP-WS-FTP95. Once you have arrived to this point you will need to enter some information about the connect you will be using to enter the domain of as shown:





PASSWORD: (The passwd which it will be letter sensitive so be sure to type it well)


LOCAL PC: C:\Global Youth Evangelism

Once you have entered this data click on the SAVE button and then click OK

That will take you inside of your web page host and allow you to see those files you have currently on the server.


How to use it to upload files to a server

WS-FTP allows you to upload archives e.g. html, GIF, jpeg, among other archives to the server that will host the web pages for the Internet surfers to use. To upload any changes on the web pages or images, just log on onto the server shown on the previous step.

You will see the files that are already on the server in the right panel and the ones of your PC on the left panel. To upload, highlight the file(s) you want to upload them into the server on the left panel and then click on the small icon on the middle of the window that signals transfer to the right panel. It looks like this

And wait for the program to upload the file(s) into the server, which will then appear on right panel of the Ws-ftp.

If you want to delete a file or image from the server, just selected from the right panel on the WS-FTP window and then clicking the delete button and thatís all you have to do.

To disconnect from the uploading proceedings and close the WS-FTP program, click on the CLOSE button on the top of the window and then click in EXIT button to close complete the program. Then you can go and use your Internet browser to see the changes done on the web pages/images for any further changes.

How to download from the server

This process is very simple the follow the same steps mentioned above except that instead of clicking on the icon for transfer from the left panel to the right panel you do the opposite of it. By selecting the file(s) from the right panel and then moving them to the left panel of your screen using the download button, found on the middle of the screen that looks like this

Thatís all you have to do for a FTP session.